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Company parties

Unforgettable social events and company parties for your colleagues, business partners or customers.

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Get ready to taste our new Mediterian menu, which is result of creative cuisine, fresh, fine ingredients and simple preparation.
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Daily menu

Lunch with four stars shine in the pleasant atmosphere of our restaurant. Enjoy the combination of delicious taste for a great price.

Beauty treatments

For more than 60 years, Sothys has been the signature of excellence in professional skin care. Its unique power consists in combination of three fundamental elements, ensuring the feeling of absolute satisfaction – the best active ingredients, carefully formulated methods and exclusive massage techniques.

All body treatments comprise of three phases:

The awakening prelude

Relaxing massage movements progressively immerse you into an assuaging world of care.

The care ceremony

Sensorial environment with relaxing music. With massage movements adapted for each stage of the care.

The relaxing final stage

At the end of the care, a toning modelling awakens the senses, and returns you to a state of total well-being.

These are the rituals of Sothys treatment, odes for wellness, relaxation and body beauty. Sothys body care offers a source of unique sensations and benefits. Care routines that transport and immerse you into a universe of delicately scented fragrances. The epitome of pleasure, it is focused on your well-being and the beauty of your body.

Beauty treatments Sothys:

Slimming and firming treatments

Signature slimming treatment

A comprehensive slimming treatment to reduce the appearance of all types of cellulite. Precisely tailored to each client, this treatment starts by an incredible slimming peeling/wrap to smooth the skin, following by the customized body serums and an exclusive slimness modelling. A highly effective treatment !

Duration: 1h 15 | Type: ♀♂                                 Price: 65 €

Slimness modelling

A slimming modelling lasting 40 min to perfect the figure and redefine the body contours.

Duration: 0h 40 | Type: ♀♂                                 Price: 40 €

Signature treatments


A unique protocol of Japanese inspiration: Peeling with exfoliating gloves, relaxing modelling of the entire body and specific reinvigorating modelling of the feet in this nourishing, delicately perfumed ritual.

Duration: 1h 20 | Type: ♀♂                                 Price: 55 €

Oriental Ceremony

A rejuvenating ritual of Oriental inspiration with aromatic bags : spicy scrub, nourishing modelling of the entire body, and modelling with aromatic bags and warmed stones.

Duration: 1h 00 | Type: ♀♂                                 Price: 55 €

Oxygenating facial treatment

A treatment with outstanding detoxication, oxygenation and radiant for all skin types. It comprises intensive dose of vitamins to strengthen the skin.

Duration: 0h 45 | Type: ♀♂                                 Price: 45 €

It is recommended to book beauty treatments Sothys in advance at the reception, by phone: +421 41 5079 100 or by email: