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Hotel Dubná Skala
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company parties

Company parties

Unforgettable social events and company parties for your colleagues, business partners or customers.

Á la carte

Get ready to taste our new Mediterian menu, which is result of creative cuisine, fresh, fine ingredients and simple preparation.
daily menu

Daily menu

Lunch with four stars shine in the pleasant atmosphere of our restaurant. Enjoy the combination of delicious taste for a great price.


Classic massage

It improves blood circulation, helps to relieve stiff and painful muscles and contributes to clean waste products and toxic chemicals out of the body.

Sports massage

A specific type of classic massage that relaxes the muscles, tunes muscle tension, improves circulation, stimulates lymphatic circulation and stretches connective tissue of joints.

Reflex massage

A foot or hand massage that helps to prevent from sudden signs of disease and is effective against the pain.


The cupping is an alternative healing method that links acupuncture pathways with the internal organs. It cleans the blood, improves circulation, restores nervous system function as well as eliminates pain and releases spasms.

  • static cupping: banks are attached to specific areas of the back healing the relevant body organs,
  • dynamic cupping: dynamic work along the spine, cupping the top of the shoulder, trapezius, neck, hip.

Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a special massage technique focused on the lymphatic system. It is suitable to treat tired legs and as a basis for the treatment of cellulite. It is also recommended to increase immune system and detoxication process.

  • cosmetic: anti-cellulite massage, prevention of wrinkles,
  • relaxation: seasonal adaptation of the body, anti-fatigue,
  • regeneration: ideal for the tired legs, heavy legs and to strengthen the immunity,
  • sport: for the athletes before and after exercise.


Classical, Sports, Reflex:

  • 30 min. massage: 15,- €
  • 60 min. massage: 25,- €
  • 90 min. massage: 40,- €

Cupping, Lymphatic Drainage:

  • 60 min. massage: 30,- €

It is recommended to book massages in advance at the reception, by phone: +421 41 5079 100 or by email: